Relax & Sing Baby Massage & Yoga is a beautiful class. We build on the natural instinctive behaviour of new parents and babies to create a lovingly woven course with touch cues, baby massage, yoga, relaxation, gentle singing, sensory play and discussion.

We build confidence, bolster self-esteem, share love and encourage bonding between parent and baby. We hold the space for parents to get to know each other, ease their minds, give them the space to laugh and cry… and laugh again.

Many of the parents who attend our courses become friends for life. Many Instructors in our Relax & Sing family tell us these mellow classes are the best part of their week.”

ONIe, Relax and sing trainer

Discover the joy of working with parents and babies

Throughout the Relax & Sing Baby Massage & Yoga Instructors Training you will:

  • explore how to demonstrate giving a nurturing full body massage to a baby
  • enjoy fun baby yoga stretches
  • use different sensory textures to provide touch stimulation
  • learn useful acupressure points for common baby ailments
  • discover a series of relaxation/wellbeing exercises for parent and baby
  • sing your way through the routines to wonderful nursery rhymes and lullabies with the help of our downloadable MP3 songs and online film clips (please note you don’t need to be a good singer… in fact, if you are suboptimal singer it’s more encouraging for the parents to take part!)
  • feel good about facilitating a class of up to 10 parents and babies
  • understand the needs of postnatal clients and feel confident supporting on a wide range of related issues, such baby feeding, sleeping, depression, low confidence, anxiety, isolation, and ailments
  • feel confident facilitating discussion among postnatal parents
  • learn how to establish and promote your business using the ready-to-go Relax & Sing marketing materials
  • understand how to use the Relax & Sing Baby Massage & Yoga Instructors Zone to make the most of your classes
  • get the chance to co-facilitate a session to parents and babies in order to build your confidence on the final day of the course

Join our next online Baby Massage & Yoga Instructors Training with Onie

  • 21-23rd January 2022

Relax & Sing Baby Massage and Yoga Instructor Training works brilliantly online. We also offer ongoing support to all new instructors and all the techniques we cover in the online training are included as film clips in the Instructors Zone (as well as many more additional resources).

Join our next in-person Baby Massage & Yoga Instructors Training (CV-19 permitting)

Courses are run by Corinna and will take place at The Mummy Circle, Flanshaw, Wakefield WF2 9 ER:

  • Friday 10th September 11:30am – 5:30pm and Saturday 11th September 10am – 4pm

Value for Money

The cost of the 3-day comprehensive training is:

£390 for an online 3-day course (plus the cost of purchasing your own baby massage doll)

£470 for in-person training (includes the baby massage doll).

Ongoing annual cost to be part of the Relax & Sing network is just £60, which you can choose not to renew, if you stop running classes. Your first £60 payment would be due 6 months after your training.

Private tuition

We also offer online Relax & Sing Baby Massage Instructor training as 1-1 private tuition over 1 day or as a series of 2 x 4-hourly sessions, or 4 x 2-hourly sessions for £470.

Please contact us for more information.