Relax & Sing Baby Signing is, without a doubt, the most joyful part of my week. Many of the parents who attend my Edinburgh classes have been coming for over a year. I know I am biased but, honestly, I am certain you will love leading this class.”

ONIE, relax and sing baby signing trainer

What is Baby Signing?

Babies instinctively use actions to communicate. Signing is a wonderful way to encourage that instinct by teaching baby signs for words, before they are able to talk. Baby Signing is widely recognised by speech and language experts as helping to encourage speech development.

The Baby Signing sessions are essentially a music class with the added bonus of the parents learning over 250 British Sign Language signs to use at home with their baby. Babies love our lively sessions with great music, puppets, and musical instruments.

It’s palpable how much enjoyment parents and babies get from these early conversations with their little ones. Not only does baby signing reduce frustration between (for both parent and baby) but learning simple signs also helps parents realise just how much their little on is actually saying! And of course, learning BSL signs means the parents are also taking home a new, useful and inclusive skill.

Discover the joy of teaching Baby Signing

Throughout the 2.5 day Relax & Sing Baby Signing Instructors Training you will:

  • explore how to run baby signing sessions for parents and babies
  • enjoy learning 250+ British Sign Language signs (to songs) throughout the three days
  • have fun singing along to an MP3 download of fabulous baby signing songs
  • understand how to bring live music into these classes (as an added bonus)
  • learn how to use puppets and props to delight babies
  • feel good about facilitating a class of up to 10 parents and babies
  • understand the needs of postnatal clients and feel confident supporting on a wide range of related issues, such baby weaning, sleeping, juggling work and family life, depression, low confidence, anxiety, and isolation
  • feel confident facilitating discussion among postnatal parents
  • learn how to establish and promote your business using the ready-to-go Relax & Sing marketing materials
  • understand how to use the Relax & Sing Baby Massage & Yoga Instructors Zone to make the most of your classes
  • get the chance to co-facilitate a session to parents and babies in order to build your confidence on the final day of the course

Join our next in-person Instructors Training

  • We are sorry but these courses are currently on hold due to Covid-19 restrictions. Next in-person group course to be confirmed once restrictions ease.

Value for Money

The cost of the 2.5-day group in-person course comprehensive training is £290.

Ongoing annual cost to be part of the Relax & Sing network is just £60, which you can choose not to renew, if you stop running classes. Your first £60 payment would be due 6 months after your training.

Please contact us for more information.