Onie Tibbitt

Onie has been teaching Relax & Sing Baby Massage & Yoga, and Baby Signing classes for over ten years. She is a mother to two girls, a Life Celebrant, a writer, and Co-Director of KnotStressed Therapies, a thriving therapies business in the heart of Edinburgh.

Onie has a wealth of knowledge and experience. She developed and delivers the KnotStressed Pregnancy Massage, and Birth & Postnatal Massage Training courses, as well as Relax & Breathe Birthing Instructor Training courses. During the past 15 years, Onie has trained over 500 people.

Corinna Nicol

Corinna is a mum to two young children, and an Early Years Music Specialist. Before training to be a Baby Massage & Yoga Instructor, she was a primary teacher, and worked in China for a number of years, as well as in the UK. She realised she needed a better work/life balance and training to teach Relax & Sing Baby Massage was the best decision I ever made.

Running Relax & Sing classes is the most wonderful job Corinna could imagine doing and she just loves working with new mums and babies. She’s created her own business in Wakefield, The Mummy Circle. She has won awards for her Relax & Sing classes.

Corinna is passionate about creating that ‘village’ where new mums can connect and support each other. Introducing the benefits of nurturing touch to new parents is so rewarding. She is really excited to be able to share my experience and skills with other instructors and help them on their path to an exciting new career.